Cassetteboy?! Cassette what?! Yeah what a funny name ! who the hell is Cassetteboy…that’s a good question 🙂

Cassetteboy are a UK based band composed by Mark Bolton & Steve Warlin and they like doing remixes & bootlegs of everything they find. Originally the name came from the intensive usage of old tape players/recorders used to create their first experiments.


The idea behind the concept was basically to retrieve famous peoples and celebrities voices and use it to change the original meaning. I quoting themselves “Cassetteboy are a double act who edit footage they’ve nicked off the telly to make celebrities swear”

A president talking about sex or drugs is always funny. A Pop star saying stupidity can appears even stupid as she’s already.

As some artists like Daft Punk or Bloody Beetroots, they don’t like to do public appearance with their real faces (so this should explain this first embedded picture, yes indeed)…

The first album, more a concept EP was released in 2000 under the name “Di + Dodi Do Die” on 7″ vinyl support it was already a political satire, mixing Lady Diana.

Cassetteboy - Di + Dodi Do Die

Cassetteboy - Di + Dodi Do Die

This wasn’t this EP that made the group famous, but it was acclaimed. Two years later they released another album still on the Barry’s Bootlegs label, known under the name of Festive Christmas. The album was full of derivative X-Mas products, Santa’s Claus as a Junkie, Alcoholic, or even worse…

Quietly the Cassetteboy genre grew up, to become something new and typical…The Group gained in notoriety. But this is a bit later on this year that the album “The Parker Tapes” made a huge impact… Still using the same successful recipe. We can also notice that the tracklist was having 98 tracks !!! All full of Jokes, interludes, parodies, gimmicks, etc….

Cassetteboy - The Parker Tapes

Cassetteboy - The Parker Tapes

Some guests were invited as DJ Rubbish, who will be also involved later on several other projects…

They continued to produce albums over the year 2003, the excellent Cassetteboy and DJ Rubbish “Inside a whale’s cock Vol.1” was a true quality package. This excellent mix-album was full of quality tracks from Hip-Hop, to 80’s Pop, down-tempo and some excellent bootlegs made for the occasion.

Cassetteboy & DJ Rubbish - Inside a whale's cock vol.1

Cassetteboy & DJ Rubbish - Inside a whale's cock vol.1

The humor, non-sense, vulgarities in all genre are still included in the program, and hopefully 🙂

You should by the way, definitely check this one (it is my personal pick).

But they didn’t stopped in a so good way, and strike again in 2005 with Dead Horse, another fine production from this duo, often compared to a best of. Followed the same year by Mick’s tape and his excellent artwork.

Cassetteboy - Mick's tape

Cassetteboy - Mick's tape

As all good projects, they tends to be famous, that’s explain why this release was published on the great label Antidote. Yeah Steve & Mark made a long way to the success…and they deserved it.

This is finally in 2008 that the duo published on their good old label Barry’s Bootlegs “Carry on Breathing” totalizing once again an impressive tracklist of 87 tracks !

Cassetteboy is incredibly talented to search over loads of common dialogs, interviews, TV Shows, cartoons,… extract the main substance of it, and use it to create something dope, something different, something that sounds new, funny, surprising… The raw remixes and copy / paste of voices, noises and effects, could be brutal at the first listen, but finally this is also the signature of the group, they don’t wanted to create something smooth, they would like to show you that you can use existing words and sentences and change completely the meaning… Therefore some albums like “The Parker Tapes” were completely created using samples and snippets, and not all sounds raw and dirty, the sampling creation become a smooth soundtrack guiding the listeners over a considerable amount of everything…

In the Samples era, where each fragments can create a different sound-scape and tracks (funk, soul, rock, jazz), where the patchworks of sounds made the best Hip-Hop beats over the last 2 decades, Cassetteboy is king (using the same method but with voices…). We can also do a comparison with Musique Concrete. The new genre, attached to John Oswald is also often called .

Cassetteboy always interested by using media documents, is using images and videos to make derived products, speaking of which, check their excellent you tube channel by tuning on !

Cassetteboy logo

Cassetteboy logo

This reminds me also two excellent french products in the same way, Mozinor, who’s doing also excellent work and of course the fanstatic movie “La classe americaine – Le grand détournement” by Michel Hazanavicius & Dominique Mézerette made exclusively using old films from Warner (Himself inspirited by the movie “Lily la tigresse” (1966) from Woody Allen mad exclusively by old Japaneses series).

Here are below some high valuables extracts 🙂 :

Cassetteboy vs dj rubbish – Track 29

Cassetteboy – anne frankingmachine- Dead Horse

Cassetteboy – tube boob

Cassetteboy – lambonaise tonight – Dead Horse

Cassetteboy – from this day on – Dead Horse

Cassetteboy – good morning shut up- Mick’s Tape

Cassetteboy – gownday – Dead Horse

Cassetteboy vs dj rubbish – Track 05

Cassetteboy – a good walk spoiled 1 – Mick’s Tape

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