Earskills was born in 2003 in Switzerland with the wish to create something new in the area of the three-lakes.

At the beginning the label was drived by four members (D-Fonk, RTX, O-El & Kama), which was really implicated into the musical scene (Music, partys, djing,…).

Over the last years the label has welcomed new artists like Dr. Fad-R and Ramburger. We decided to create our own label to promote our favorites musical styles…

We organized some parties in Switzerland mainly Drum&bass with some guests, then we organized some parties with differents styles of music like Electro, Breakbeat, Hip-Hop, Funk….

The website was born in 2003 too, of course it was really more simple, with a poor content, it was enhanced during years with load of content such as mixes, tracks, photos of the latest parties, charts, forum….

We want to continue to develop our label, with a compilation of our artists, some clothes, review of international artists and of course more parties in Switzerland and maybe in a foreign country.

Finally the goal of Earskills is to promote good music and give pleasure to people by our parties, mixes or productions…

There is no financial aspect in our approach, is just to promote the music in different forms, having the pleasure to share our tastes with other people., because the music is a universal language !

We hope you find something interesting for you, and if you like, leave a comment it’s always appreciated 😉


Music is the Key !