Deltron 3030 cd cover

Deltron 3030 cd cover

There’s not a lot of albums in Hip-Hop that can be called “Masterpiece”, but well considered this album is definitely one…

But before throwing this affirmation straight in your face, let me introduce to you Deltron 3030 !

This is how the story begins…

Back in the years 2000 Dan The Automator aka Daniel Nakamura (Gorillaz, Dr. Octagon, etc..)  was thinking about a new project, great genius of his time, he decided to contact a rapper (Del tha Funkee Homosapien) and a DJ (Kid Koala) what such a great idea…he wanted to create a project album of futuristic hip-hop based in the year 3030.

Del tha Funkee Homosapien on the mic as the “Black Elvis”, Kid Koala (Skiznoid) on the cuts, and Dan for the production…and maybe some valuable guests…

The idea coming from his mind was to write a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, a planet where massive corporations rules the world, a vision of a dark future :

Dan the Automator

Dan the Automator

Some refugees, still free, decided to fight for their rights, in a world surrounded by fascism and dictatorship (The Corporate Bank) and extra-terrestrial invasions, here we are for the background.

Armed with his ideas and his mic Del (aka Deltron Zero on this album) took his pen and wrote the lyrics over two weeks (when we take a closer look, we can only salute the performance). His maturity on his album; perfectly blended with the dark ambiances cooked by Dan (aka Captain Aptos on this prod), crossing with razor-sharps cuts from Kid Koala (aka Skiznoid the Boy Wonder on this album) or humorous interludes…everything sound nice and well-thinked.

It is of course during these 21 tracks (yes 21 !!!) difficult to not make a parallel with some existing political systems (Some lyrics tend even to be visionaries 🙂 ). This album takes the auditor into a world where viruses, robots, extra-terrestrials, are common. A massive corporation called the Corporate Bank rule the universe, terrorists tries to fight them by introducing humorous viruses (to awake the citizen on his monotony), a Mad Scientist implants cells to citizen to eradicate Dire Straits Fan, etc…

Each track is very well constructed, reflecting perfectly the speech of the MC’s, accompanying them from the beginning till the end as a non-dissociative part, combining heavy samples and dark patterns, all followed by a incisive rhythm. Sometimes smooth and funky, sometimes heavy, punching hard the listener. The choice of the samples, the beat construction with them, it is simply magnificent !

Del tha Funky Homosapien

Del tha Funky Homosapien

This album is also a place where guests are welcomed, where guests makes the differences, add a true value to the soundtrack, to name a few :

Prince Paul (close friend of Dan, also a wonderful producer), DJ Peanut Butter Wolf (famous DJ, also one of the founder of the Label Stones Throw), Money Mark, Paul Barman, Damon Albarn, Mark Bell (LFO member, Björk producer) who produced some of the tracks …

It is difficult to choose a particular track such this album is perfect from end to end, my favorites goes into the names of Mastermind, Memory Loss, Madness and 3030 (and this infamous Hawaiian Guitar).

Where today the mainstream infect us with bullshit and sweetened “diet-Hip-Hop” it is always good to return to the classics, classics that respect the genre, and maybe include something new into the formula, something that you would keep in mind, something that make you have a second listen…

This album touch the perfection, if I can only provide you a good tip, go directly grab your copy, you won’t be disappointed, this album worth definitely each penny you spend on it 🙂

Kid Koala

Kid Koala

Below are some snippets extracted from this project :

20 – deltron 3030 – memory loss (snippet)

18 – deltron 3030 – battlesong (snippet)

12 – deltron 3030 – madness (snippet)

10 – deltron 3030 – mastermind (snippet)


You can easily find it via Amazon, iTunes or any other big online vendors… for a very fair price 🙂

I highly suggest you to have a closer look on the other projects of each of the members of Deltron 3030, they are very valuable gems to discover…

Discogs is your friend :

Dan The Automator

Del Da Funky Homosapien

Kid Koala

Deltron 3030 (Ark 75) 2000


Tracklist :

1. State of the Nation
2. 3030
3. Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza
4. Things You Can Do
5. Positive Contact
6. St. Catherine St.
7. Virus
8. Upgrade (A Brymar College Course)
9. New Coke
10. Mastermind
11. National Movie Review
12. Madness
13. Meet Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch
14. Time Keeps on Slipping
15. News (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Microsoft Inc.)
16. Turbulence [Remix]
17. Fantabulous Rap Extravanganza, Pt. 2
18. Battlesong
19. Love Story
20. Memory Loss
21. Assmann 640 Speaks